The Great Candy Debate

Which candy should you stock up on this Halloween?

Lauryn Rhodes
Unsure of the best Halloween candy? Try this flow chart!

With the final day of October creeping up, many are growing excited for the long-awaited holiday, Halloween. This widely celebrated day is loved for a number of reasons: scary movie marathons, haunted houses, the freedom to dress up as anything or anyone, and most importantly, candy. For one night, those that participate in this tradition are able to shamelessly indulge in as much sugar as they can get their hands on. It’s only appropriate to wonder which sweet deserves the most attention. However, with an endless number of different brands to choose from and vastly different preferences varying from individual to individual, narrowing down an answer is way easier said than done. Instead, here’s a quick guide to help you discover which treat better suits your taste and should be on the top of your list this Halloween.

Before anything, you must first decide what type of candy your sweet tooth is craving. Two heavy hitters, long-time rivals, and perfect starting points for this process within the candy industry are none other than fruit and chocolate candies. Ask yourself, are you in the mood for something more light, simple, and sweet? Or are you hungry for something rich, decadent, and soothing?

If you’ve sided with fruity candies, you’re in luck. This category comes in a wide range of variety that is sure to please anyone. You can choose between hard and soft, sweet and sour, and even if you want something that’s bite-sized or not. And if you decided to stick with chocolate, don’t worry because you’ve also made a great choice. Not only do chocolate candies have a distinct and unique taste that fruity ones just can’t obtain, but you also have a variety of products to choose from. For starters, there’s dark, milk, and white, chocolate. And if you’re feeling spontaneous, you can get a chocolate treat that contains caramel, nuts, wafers, nougat, and plenty of other ingredients.

No matter what you’ve chosen, don’t hesitate to buy more than one and treat yourself this Halloween.