Nine Week STUCO Update

How is the new Student Council doing after the first quarter of the year?

Student Council has been in full swing now for nine weeks, and they spent the majority of first quarter preparing for the many events of Homecoming weekend.

The Student Council is working on many projects. The inaugural Homecoming weekend may have been the priority, but how have the other projects been going? What is new after Homecoming? Well, I talked to some of the members, officers, and presidents to see how the last nine weeks have gone and what is coming up. 

We heard from Ashley Woodall, assistant director of student life, that STUCO has been working hard on different Homecoming committees such as: the Thursday pep assembly, the variety show, all grade level booths, the first annual Westminster dog show, and of course, the main event of Homecoming: the banquet. She also commented on where STUCO is heading in the future; the members and officers will be working on different committees for ITSOG, spirit week, dress code review, and the phone review. Woodall also added that STUCO is working hard on fundraisers and events for the Pujol’s Family Foundation. 

I also spoke to several of the class presidents who elaborated on STUCO’s recent activities and work. “Everything has been going well so far! It’s definitely a growth period just because we’re establishing so many things for the first time,” said Ashley MacDonald, senior class president. Kaitlyn Mann, freshman class president, added onto MacDonald’s statement by saying, “Every organization has its flaws, but there are no major issues. We are a very productive team that loves serving our school.” 

When asked about how Homecoming planning went, Sara Cate Murray, a sophomore STUCO officer, shared her thoughts: “As many know, Homecoming is something new Westminster has added this year. Homecoming was this past weekend, and for the most part it was a success! We did not get as many Homecoming Banquet sales as we would have liked, but you have to start somewhere. Carnival was a huge success, and I believe it was partially because of the new addition of carnival rides.” Mann added onto that statement by saying, “WCA also won our Homecoming football game which was a huge deal and brought our school together. The dog show was such a great idea that ended up being such a cute event!”

STUCO also met this past week with the board of directors to discuss different school centered conversations. “We were able to share insights and concerns and ask for the directors’ input. These meetings are a time where STUCO voices the student body suggestions, and feedback is received,” Mann said. 

ITSOG (In The Spirit Of Giving) is the next major event for the Westminster community, and STUCO is already on it. “It’s almost ITSOG week! We are already starting the process of [planning for] ITSOG”, Mann said when asked about upcoming events the community should get e

xcited about.

STUCO has many more exciting and fun changes on the way. The STUCO members, along with the officers and, of course, the class presidents, are working incredibly hard to create a reformed student body and community. So, let’s get ready for ITSOG!