Chapel: Not a Routine


Filing into chapel every Wednesday morning and singing worship songs may seem like a routine part of a Westminster student’s school week. However, for the members of the chapel band, worship is more than just a routine activity, but instead is a way for them to personally connect with God and show His character through the use of their gifts and talents.
Music is such a unique form of worship because it allows students to learn about a craft they care about as well as learning about God.
“For me worshipping through music is how I feel emotionally and spiritually closer to God. Music is my passion and I like that I can mix my passion with my worship,” said Aje Jones, a sophomore who is a vocalist.
Also, worship is much more than performing a song to be judged on technique because ultimately, it is not about the individuals playing the instruments or singing but instead points to the Creator. This draws students in because it takes the pressure out of their musical talent and instead allows for freedom to use their talents with joy.
“I decided to join because I also do worship at my church and thought it would be fun to lead worship in front of my peers, on top of that it is an amazing opportunity to sing in a different sense,” says Joshua Jones, a senior who plays the violin.”
But, what makes chapel worthwhile for many members is not the act of singing or playing an instrument but it also the sense of community created by an entire school glorifying God with their voices.
“My favorite part of chapel band is creating music with fellow peers. It gives you goosebumps when you hit the right chord or sing the right way, there is just so much emotion poured into leading worship,” Joshua continues.
This is why it truly hurts members of the chapel band when students do not participate by singing along or at least paying attention and reflecting in silence on what God has to say if they choose not to sing. Chapel is about coming together as one body for the Lord and whether they have a beautiful singing voice or not God still calls His people to make a joyful noise to Him.
Another reason students may not participate is that they feel like their peers will judge them for it. While it is natural to feel this in some sense, at Christian school students should not be afraid to sing in chapel especially not for fear of their friends.
“If you’re scared your friends will judge you for praising God by singing, that’s their problem. It can feel weird if you stand out in your little group but you’re praising God so it’s worth it,” explains Joshua Hanson, a junior who is a guitarist in the band.
Chapel band is truly one of the most important leadership positions at Westminster because of the impact that worship has on the community and one’s own personal faith. Therefore, students must respond to God’s call and worship him because as Joshua Jones’s favorite verse, Luke 19:40 says “I tell you, if these [people] keep silent, the stones will cry out [in praise]!”