Sophomores Flying High

Sophomores are finding success in their art board


Art Board may be the most overlooked Spirit Week event of them all, but those who participate in decorating the vast, chicken wire board know the extensive amounts of time and effort needed to create such a project.

Each year, art board participants join together, pick a setting from a given theme, and begin the process of piecing together their board, creating an astonishing picture in a short timeframe with limited supplies.

Struggles always accompany each grade as they encounter problems they must solve quickly and on a budget, but freshmen are always at a slight disadvantage as they power through their first year without the parent help they relied on in middle school.

However, the current sophomores have stepped up their game from last year and united their class to finish their board just in time for installation, meeting the deadline and creating a board they are proud of.

The Spirit Week 2018 Art Board theme was St. Louis attractions. The sophomores created a beautiful replica of The Butterfly House, complete with a massive monarch butterfly in the center, adorned with the smiling faces of every sophomore hidden in the design of the wings.

As the deadline approached, dozens of sophomores stopped by to lend a hand even for a few minutes as they waited for their lip sync or boys’ poms practices to start. All hands were on deck as the board was “pomped” with several shades of green tissue paper and hundreds of hand-painted butterflies flew across the board.

“We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to finish, but we pulled through when more people showed up. We were motivated to work faster as time ran out. It all came together in the end, and we’re proud of our work!” said Hannah Stevenson, sophomore.

Every art board was finished with success this year, but the sophomore class is proud to say they continue to improve and have found a way back into the running this year with their stunning scene of the butterfly house.