America’s Privacy at Risk

As the FBI gets into your iPhone, a student at your own school can too.

o intrude on its citizens’ right to privacy.

Recently on March 28, the FBI found a way into the terrorist’s phone with the help of a third party hacker organization. Now the latest controversy is whether the FBI reveal its method to Apple or keep it in order to get into more phones without anyone’s help.

The average person many never realize how easy it is to be hacked by talented hacker. This is what Kevin Roose thought. Roose is a reporter for Fusion News who is highly involved in reporting stories on major companies being infiltrated by hackers and is very careful to protect himself. He hired two world class hackers to obtain every single piece of information about him they could, just to see how really easy it was. After a brutal week of hacking the reporter’s computer as well as other online resources the hacker, Dan Tentler, said, “I have control of your digital life in its entirety. I have all your credentials… I am you.” (For more on this story, visit and search for Kevin Roose’s hack attack.)

Only a few days into the experiment, and the hackers already had access to the man’s computer’s camera, social security number and even his own home address from his dog’s I.D. tag. He was shocked by the swiftness of the hackers and that he could not tell when he was being hacked.

At Westminster, most people would rather give up anything than losing their phone for a single day. The important thing to consider is how safe is your “protected” data. Even though a student at Westminster may not be a part of a hacking attack, many people don’t know that one of your classmates can easily get into your phone with a bit of planning.

Ben Saltmiras, senior, is an expert on coding and is a co-leader on the Westminster robotics programming team. He spoke upon the ease of getting into someone’s unlocked iPhone. “All you would have to do is inject a line of code through the wifi into some non built-in application and then you would be right into the phone. I could have access to all of your messages and pictures and possibly any saved bank information on there as well.”