JD’s Tennis Legacy

JD had a passion for tennis and the spirit for JD’s love of the sport will be shown in Westminster’s season this spring. The tennis uniforms in the spring will have the initials “JDW” on them to remember the talent that JD could have brought to the team. As the boys tennis team starts back up in a few weeks, JD will always be on their hearts as the games begin. Head coach Adam Barbee stated, “We are planning a ceremony to honor him at our first home match.” The school is considering to put a bench by the tennis courts to always have his legacy next to what he loved to do.

JD always had a kind, caring heart for everyone he played with. He would always be the one to congratulate the opponent for making a good shot or even be the one to get the water when someone was exhausted. At the funeral for JD, many Westminster students heard the amazing story of kindness on his vacation in Michigan. John David was the man who played with his neighbor without anyone asking him. He played with the old neighbor who everyone was ignoring. He wanted to please the hearts of all of those around him.

Dr. John Arvesen played tennis with JD on the weekends. “I loved played I loved playing tennis with JD. He was so humble and had a deep desire to be great. I really looked forward to hit​ting​ with him and was even surprised the first time that we played when he won the first couple games off of me. ​JD had such a great balance of respect and competitiveness, and I will always remember him for his genuine spirit and heart.” 

The upcoming Westminster tennis season will be a chance to celebrate all that he has done in the community. Part of dedicating the season to JD will be remembering what he would have done for the team. JD put God first in everything he did, including tennis.

“Our entire season is going to be for JD. He was the nicest kid and a great friend. It is a tremendous loss”, said Sam Hunsicker, senior captain.