Finding Your Mall

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Whether one needs a new outfit, or is just shopping for fun, the decision of which mall to go to is always a tough one. In the St. Louis area, West County Mall, Plaza Frontenac, and The Galleria are all popular malls, each of them with pros and cons.

At the corner of Manchester and I-270, West County Mall is in a great location whether one lives in Kirkwood or Chesterfield. This is a great mall for teenagers who want to shop, eat, and spend time with friends. With Forever 21, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Nordstrom, the mall has a broad range of price and inventory. Also, being a reasonably-sized mall, it provides safety to the shoppers. However, West County is overly crowded on weekends, and if one is looking for unique stores, this is the wrong mall.  

Known as the most pristine mall in St. Louis, Plaza Frontenac is filled with only top-of-the-line designers and department stores. The mall is very safe and never busy, due to the small amount of customers it caters for. Plaza Frontenac includes Lululemon, Vineyard Vines, and Kate Spade, popular “preppy” brands in today’s society. However, for the most part, going to Plaza Frontenac is not an everyday event. Finding anything under 30 dollars is tough, proving the fact that it is not the place for a group of kids to hang out.   

Lastly, the mall with the most stores and activities, is the St. Louis Galleria. Here, one can find anything they might need, cheap or expensive. It has stores that West County and Frontenac Mall do not have, such as Vera Bradley and Free People. Unfortunately, The Galleria is known for being unsafe and crowded. It is required for children to be with parents if one is under the age of 16, not giving teenagers the freedom they want.

All three of these malls are great to have in St. Louis because of the variety of products each one offers.