Joe Woll Commits To Harvard As a Sophomore

Joe Woll, sophomore, continues in his career with hockey


Photo courtesy of Joe Woll.

Woll and his AAA hockey team.

Every kid dreams of great things—to be a professional athlete, to be accepted to the best college, to have the perfect job. For hockey star, Joseph Woll, these dreams are gradually coming true. After thirteen years of hard work and dedication, Woll committed to Harvard University to play on their hockey team.

“I first took an interest in hockey when I was just two years old,” said Woll.

Woll played as a forward until he was 7 years old when he began his career as a goalie. Woll developed his skills as a goalie quickly. He joined his AAA team when he was 9 years old.

Now a sophomore at WCA, Woll started his career at westminster as a freshman. From the beginning, Woll was the starting goalie for the Westminster Hockey team and has helped them along their season for the past couple years. Ever since, he has been playing non stop, traveling across the world to play.

“Outside of school I play for the U16 AAA Blues,” said Woll.

Woll’s commitment to Harvard is not his only accomplishment. Last summer, he was invited to play at the USA hockey camp, which is a huge honor.

“Another one of my bigger accomplishments is when I was voted MVP for a tournament I played in Russia,” said Woll.

Woll’s goal for this year is to play for team USA, a team of the top high school hockey players in the country. In his future career after college, Woll would love to play professional hockey.