Touching Souls in Seoul

A selective group of students will travel to South Korea this summer to serve as missionaries to a group of students in Seoul.
Thousands of miles over seas, in one of the largest cities in the world, Matthew Baldwin, Rachel Bates, Abby Becker, Lizzie Blackwell, Stephen Lillenberg, Chelsea McConkey, Christine Schlafly, and Brooke Siebenmen, juniors, accompanied by Dr. Timothy Gibson, Nathan Talley, Craig Walseth, and Ashley Woodall will change the lives of children.
They will embark on their journey on July 19th through the 31st. Upon their arrival in Seoul, the group will spend four full days to explore the area and culture. The following ten days will be spent with the children.
“I’m looking forward to the whole experience itself. I’m excited to see how a school so different then ours is truly going to change my life. The opportunity is indescribable and I’m anxious to see a new country and culture,” said Siebenmen.
Seventh and eighth grade students from Saemmul School will be the primary focus of the team. The Saemmul students will attend a one-week camp where they will be taught the word of God and English. During the morning hours, there will be classes geared towards conversational English. The afternoon will consist of activities and games designed to create and strengthen their religion. The goal of the team will be to give the students a greater grasp of the English language.
“We want to model what a Christ centered life looks like and connect it with education,” said Gibson.
The students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their integrity, Christian commitment, leadership ability, creativity, communication skills, technological familiarity, cultural sensitivity, and a missions’ orientation. WCA students will be paired in groups of two and each group will have a WCA teacher with whom they will prepare the curriculum. They will provide their own input and ideas to develop programs that the students will participate in.