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Caleb Moellenhoff

There are so many board games that you can play at home with your family.

Top 10 Games to Play During Quarantine

With all the extra time being stuck at home with family, why not pull out a board game or a deck of cards and have some fun! Sometimes board games can get a bad reputation for being boring, but the key to having a good time is picking the right game. Whether it’s an all-time classic or a new game straight off the shelf: we’ve got you covered with the Top 10 Games to Play During Quarantine.


  • Monopoly – It might take a while to play, but it’s definitely a fun game. However, make sure it doesn’t end in family-wide tension.
  • Codenames – Being one of the most popular, relatively new games on the market, Codenames will keep the family focused on each word and the strategy behind it. 
  • Fishbowl – If you don’t have any other games, it’s not a problem because all you need for Fishbowl is a bowl, pencils, and pieces of paper. After all, how can you go wrong by combining teamwork, acting, and critical thinking all into one game?
  • Spades – Try to take as many tricks as possible in this well-known card game, and always make sure to make an accurate bid.
  • Hearts – If you would rather try to avoid getting points, Hearts is a great card game and lots of fun! However, it’s even more fun if you avoid the Queen of Spades!
  • Apples to Apples – Enjoy a classic game of silly comparisons with the family!
  • Clue – Gather all the evidence possible to solve the murder mystery?
  • The Chameleon – In this fairly new board game, the challenge is to blend in and try not to get caught as well as accuse those who are standing out. 
  • Stratego – Use your best strategies to direct your troops into battle in search for the enemy’s flag. Just watch out for any bombs!
  • Bluff – In this card game, as long as you can fake it, you can make it. However, don’t let your opponents catch your bluff!


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