Senior Film Project Review


As Spirit Week kicks off to an exciting start, on of the most surprising events of the week would have to be the end of the Senior’s Film Project.

Everyone knows that Wednesday is the day of Spirit Week where the Film Projects for each grade are presented, but this time, the seniors brought their film to real life.

After sitting down and watching the other grade’s projects, which ranged from racetracks to detention, the Senior class was nervous about how the film would be received by the rest of the students.

But once Natalie Brown showed up on the screen and the Bachelorette Music started playing, the students were engaged and couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.

The video went through Natalie going on dates with four boys in the Senior class, each one with a funny twist that reflected the boy’s qualities and interests.

As soon as the video reached its end, everyone was confused and upset about the ending and wanted to know who the chosen boy was, thinking it ended in a cliffhanger.

But everyone was pleasantly surprised once those double doors opened up to the Arena, the Senior class jumped up and everyone cheered as Natalie and Chase walked through the sea of students, surprising everyone.

Compared to the funny, interesting Film Projects done by past Seniors, this ending was truly unique because it engaged the audience in a literal way and had the element of surprise that the other videos lacked.

There is a definite chance that the Seniors will score every well in this category because of the amazing theme of the Bachelorette and the storyline of the entire video.

Overall, this video will be talked about for years to come because it encompasses what the Film Project should truly be about and encourages students to be creative and think out of the box in an artistic way.