Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review (Minor spoilers ahead!)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review (Minor spoilers ahead!)

Star Wars fans can’t seem to make up their minds about the latest movie.

After The Force Awakens was released, many were put off by how similar the film was to the first Star Wars installment, A New Hope. It had a desert planet with a lonely hero, another (but this time bigger) death star, an empire vs. rebellion storyline, and seemed far too crowd-pleasing to really move the saga forward.

Due to this resemblance, fans were concerned that The Last Jedi would copy The Empire Strikes Back in similar fashion. In the months leading up to the movie’s release, fans on social media kept repeating over and over: Don’t let it be a carbon copy of The Empire Strikes Back.

Fans got their wish.

The Last Jedi is composed of completely unexpected twists and turns that advance the saga’s storytelling while also honoring the past movies. It uses the force in new ways, expands the depths of each new character, explores the background of the original characters, and creates a new villain to rival the likes of Darth Vader.

This new, fresh take on the Star Wars saga may seem like a dream come true for many fans, but some are taking to social media to say that The Last Jedi “ruined their childhood”, some even throwing personal insults at the director, Rian Johnson.

Why such hypocrisy? The Force Awakens was too similar, now The Last Jedi is apparently too different.

Here’s my take. For many Star Wars fans that grew up with the original trilogy, this movie ruined their childhood, and that is a good thing.

When the first movies were released, good and bad were indisputable and happily-ever-afters were guaranteed. While Star Wars is a fantasy franchise, this doesn’t really leave any real-life implications. Good people do bad things and vice versa. In the real world, no one is all bad or all good.

The Last Jedi works to solve these moral disputes. Just because our rogue hero defies authority to do what he thinks is correct doesn’t mean he’s right. Just because two beloved characters embark on a dangerous journey doesn’t mean they’ll succeed. Just because our hero from a previous generation was a saint in the past doesn’t mean that he won’t make bad decisions.

In essence, The Last Jedi may not be the crowd-pleasing movie that some people wanted, but it’s definitely what the saga needs in order to move forward into new, unexplored regions of the galaxy.