There’s an App for That?

Today, apps are used on mobile phones and a variety of other devices. There are currently more than one million apps offered for free or available to purchase for a minimal fee in the App Store. Apps are separated into categories including Education, Sports, Social Media, Games, Entertainment, and Music. Take a look at some new trending apps.


Exampl – Getting help on your homework might be music to your ears. Use this app to find your way to clarity. Send in a picture or create a voice note to ask a specific question and receive a reply. The downside to this app includes not knowing how quickly you will receive a response to your question.

Yousician -Want to learn how to play the guitar or piano? This app includes tutorials of each lesson allowing you to master your music skills and become a one man band! This app deserves a thumbs up!

Voter – Want to know more about the political parties, candidates, and the election? This app first asks a few questions, then based on your response will suggest the political party and candidates which are most similar to your thinking. Voter deserves a thumbs up for its relevance in this election year.


120 Sports – This app gives highlights on the latest sporting news. Always up to date, this app allows you to watch videos and read news of your favorite teams and players. This app deserves a thumbs up for providing the most recent news in sports.

Hole19 -Wanting to track your round of golf and compare with your friends? This app can be your scorecard and give you a visual overview of each hole including yardage, GPS, and a rangefinder. This app deserves a thumbs up for its accuracy on the course.

The FIFA Weekly – Are you a soccer fan? This app provides you with updates on all FIFA news around the world. The downside to this app is that the news is only updated weekly.

Social Media:

Vidku – Using the camera on this app, you are allowed to share videos with groups and other friends. This app allows you to organize and be in control of the people who see all of your videos which deserve a thumbs up.

VSCO -Unlike other social media, this app leaves out the number of followers and likes. Instead, this app allows you to become creative. It gives you the ability to edit your pictures in a variety of ways and keep them in a collection. The level of creativity within this app allows for an overall thumbs up rating.

Unmute -This app allows you to participate in live and interactive voice calls. When the call is on, users can tune in, add comments, or even join the call. The downside to this app is all users must have a twitter account in order to call.


3 6 0 – Stick It On – Want to test your reflexes? Once you tap on the screen, the circle sticks to another spinning wheel. If the circle spins on the wheel for a full 360 degrees, the game is over. This app can become addicting, but deserves a thumbs up for the challenge it creates. See if you can master this difficult game.

Psych! – Here’s a game to play with a group of friends. First, pick a category and create your own response. Then the app will mix the players’ answers with the correct answer trying to confuse the guesser. The downside to this app includes team members being kicked out of the game due to system glitches.

Does not Commute – This app might seem easy, but it does take technique.  Level one starts with few cars on the road, but will change as you progress in the game. More cars will drive in the wrong direction preventing you from reaching your goal within the time limit. This app deserves a thumbs up due to the variability of each level within the game.


Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults  – When was the last time you colored? This app gives you the ability to color in a picture you select using a variety of colors. This app deserves a thumbs up if you are in the mood for being creative.

Progress to 100 -Ready to be entertained? This app requires you to be interactive with your phone and shake, shout, and dance to progress through 100 puzzles. This app deserves a thumbs up based on the entertainment value it provides.

Pause – Do you want to spend a minute to release stress? Get this app to calm your anxiety by following your finger with the dot on the screen within a certain amount of time. Depending on your mood, this app may prove to be either relaxing or potentially very annoying.


Tidal – Looking for good quality music and music videos? This app allows you to pick your favorite music and create a collection as well as share with your friends. This app might be advertised as a free app, but is misleading as you must subscribe in order to listen to music.

Ditty by Zya – Want to create new lyrics for your favorite song? Type in a few words and select a song and the app will create your song with new words. Though some songs are free, the downside to this app is the user must pay money to use today’s popular songs.

Acapella – Are you interested in creating your own tunes? This app allows you to sing or play an instrument and add harmonies to your song by creating multiple videos. Once you are finished recording, put the videos together and you can watch your creation. This app deserves a thumbs up for the creativity allowed within the app.