“Honk!” Becomes a Hit

The Ugly Duckling was the inspiration for the first Middle School musical ever on January 17 and 18. With plenty of lovable characters gracing the stage, Honk was a delight that surprised the entire audience. Filled with captivating dance numbers and several performances from the chorus, Honk was a musical put on by both the 7th and 8th graders.

Though the storyline seemed like it was going to be another cliche musical teaching about good morals, it pushed past this stereotype to enchant all ages. While some numbers from the chorus were a little shaky, stellar solos from several characters and a perfectly set stage did much more than just make up for it. Emily Zell, an 8th grader,  who played Ida the mother duck, drew all eyes to her with her pure voice and  strong vibrato, as well as her motherly presence and poise on stage. Damon Beckemeyer, an 8th grader, charmed with wit and well placed sarcasm, and spurred on much laughter from the audience, and though she played a small role, Jada Ferguson, 8th grade, shown as the Bullfrog with her stunning voice and just the right amount of attitude to add to the show. And of course, Mark Geisz, a 7th grader, fascinated all with a thorough performance of his character’s clumsiness that transformed into grace. Overall, Honk was a musical that enchanted all in the audience, the first of hopefully many more Middle School musical hits.