Restaurant Review: St. Louis Bubble Tea

St. Louis Bubble Tea, a family-owned Chinese restaurant specializing in bubble tea, is an ideal place for Westminster students to hang out. They can order food served in enormous portions or smoothies and teas containing chewy tapioca pearls that sit at the bottom of the cup.

When customers enter the restaurant, they will face a large green and yellow menu plastered on the wall. The friendly servers will offer to walk them through the menu, answer questions, or give samples of premade drinks. Since the food options range from the authentic Chinese beef stew noodle to the typical chicken tender platter with fries, customers are likely to find something that suits their tastes. What stands out in the menu, however, is the extensive variety of bubble tea flavors.

As the first restaurant to bring the drink to city, St. Louis Bubble Tea’s menu has the largest flavor selection in the area. Customers who want drinks as simple as strawberry smoothies or as exotic as durian milk teas will find them here. It is also one of the few restaurants that use a special machine to seal cups with a clear film instead of using normal lids, making the drinks more authentic and unique. Also, for a few extra cents, the servers will customize drinks for those who request specific changes.

After placing their orders, customers can take a seat in the snug corner of the store with colorful murals surrounding them or by the large windows until their orders are called out.

As a fast casual restaurant, St. Louis Bubble Tea is just right for teenagers who want to order drinks, eat lunch, or do homework together. With its vast array of options, it is a great place for people who have never tried bubble tea to stop by and check out.