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Why You Should Go On A Walk Right Now

In my family, we regularly go on hikes or walks throughout the school year, which I believe is a highly beneficial activity. Particularly if one is feeling rushed by school or other pressing extracurricular, taking a stroll around the neighborhood with friends and family may be one way you can step back to take stock. All in all, I have found that being unproductive for even a few minutes or so is a great way to come back to a task refreshed and ready to jump back into work. Finally, whether you explore a new place or take a familiar route for the umpteenth time, switching up your surroundings every so often aids in circumventing the trap of being single-mindedly obsessed with your own matters day after day. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with hard work, but, of course, it is still important to make sure one is not neglecting other aspects of life in the process.


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