The Student Newspaper of Westminster Christian Academy

Emma Smith

Running When its Hot

In my opinion running when it’s hot is almost worse than running when it’s cold. When running in hot weather it’s important to bring water. Running when you’re dehydrated is one of the worst feelings. It’s also important to dress light. Wear shorts and a tank top. Don’t wear long sleeves because when you get hot you’ll regret it. I would also suggest running somewhere with more shade. I like to run in a park rather than my neighborhood because parks have more trees to provide shade. If it is extremely hot I would suggest bringing a Frogg Togg, which is basically a towel that stays cool and wet for a long time. It will help cool you down while you run.  All in all it’s important to have the means to stay cool so that you don’t overheat.  Staying cool makes the run less painful and you more healthy. 

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