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Anagi Pieris

Heads Up! : What You Might Be Missing

Staring down at a phone is the most commonplace pose anyone can assume nowadays. No big deal, right? Well, in reality, all those hours of checking up on social media and playing electronic games takes a toll. The standard posture of consulting one’s device during any spare moment has been proven equivalent to bearing a sixty pound millstone around one’s neck day after day. The alternative lies in spending more time out of doors enjoying the restorative effect of nature. For instance, look up every now and then. Taking the eyes off your own labyrinth of matters to attend to enables the introspective mind to reflect on the relative vastness of the horizon. After all, humans are the only creatures that gaze upward for no reason at all. Take the time to just imagine

See a v-shaped flock of Canada geese fly past.

See a phase of the moon as it glows or dims with the hour

See an airplane—probably the only connection you will ever share with its passengers—zoom past

See a jet make a curious curved path or cross

See a huddle of clouds in mysterious shapes

See a wisp of curling smoke from a chimney

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