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3 Unusual Foods You Have to Try

This Asian root, often used to spice everything from curries and rice to meat dishes, retains a remarkable antibacterial property among numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that a steady intake of turmeric boosts levels of curcuimin in one’s system and may reduce or inhibit the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. By buying the vibrant orange root whole, you may easily scrape some shavings any time you need. Also, taking the spice drizzled with a little oil on top of a dish is an excellent garnish to elevate its flavor.

Most people mash this form of lentils into hummus for dipping chips, but what most do not realize is that the raw chickpeas can also be boiled whole with minimal effort. A pinch of salt or pepper to season the pot and the chickpeas form an entire meal in only a handful of minutes. Rather than purchasing this indispensable meal base as a canned food, it is always better to buy the dried form in bulk to ensure that one has a healthy supply for several meals to come.

Tapioca (Cassava) Flour—
Tapioca flour, or ground cassava root, is an excellent staple in many Pacific islands, yet many Westerners find themselves missing out on the numerous benefits associated with this food. Typically international food groceries carry a decent stock of this pantry essential. By boiling a mixture of a half cup of oil, third cup of water, a third cup of milk, and some salt, then adding two cups of tapioca flour, lastly beat in a mixture of two eggs and two third cups Parmesan cheese before baking in order to save up an invaluable stockpile of chewy tapioca bread. Although the texture takes time to get used to, ultimately similar specialized recipes truly highlight the superiority of tapioca flour is far superior alternative to the one’s usual go-to all-purpose flour.


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