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emma smith

Getting Back in Shape

 If you read my last blog you will know that I have recently had my wisdom teeth removed. As a result I haven’t been able to run for multiple days. Apparently we use our  jaw a lot more than we think when exercising. The movement can break stitches and irate the area. So you’re not supposed to exercise for a while after surgery. I’ve lost a lot of muscle due to lack of running so I need to be careful as I start up running again. I don’t want to push too hard as I get back into running, especially because I am recovering from a surgery. I need to ease back into it. That way I don’t mess up my surgery by running too far so soon after I had my wisdom teeth removed I have decided to start off by biking for the first two days, and then beginning running a couple miles. After the first few days I can get back into running my usual three miles a day, maybe even up the distance. 

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