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emma smith

Running in Icy Weather

Probably the most annoying thing about running in the winter is ice. Is hard to avoid and sometimes even harder to see. I always have to be extra careful when it is icy. I treat every wet patch of the road like it could be ice and try to avoid it. However, sometimes when a car comes, or I’m passing a group of people I can’t avoid it. That’s why it’s so important to have good running shoes and not just any old tennis shoes. Running shoes have a better grip to them than normal shoes for the sole purpose of keeping you from falling. My running shoes are Mizunos and they work great. They are long lasting, wear well, and more importantly I’ve never slipped on ice wearing them. I’m not saying that it’s impossible to slip in them, just that they have a firm grip on the ground. I still have to be careful if I end up running over ice even with the shoes.  If I hit a patch of ice while running I slow down and try not to drag my feet.  I also like to run in the places where the ice is snowiest, or the most melted because that’s where I will get the most traction. Getting traction and not dragging my feet to keep me from sipping on the ice. So, I can run in icy weather more often and don’t have to take breaks from running because of the weather. I advise all runners to invest in good shoes so that the weather doesn’t prevent them from doing what they want to do. 


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