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On and Off the Court

Dealing With Burnout: Part 1
Dealing With Burnout: Part 2
True Leadership—in the perspective of a point guard
Behind the glamour of the recruiting process
Q&A—Reilly Brophy
Picking an AAU Team
Battling Through the End of the Season

Balancing School and Athletics

Brooke Highmark, Sporting Editor

Obviously, being a student athlete can be difficult at any level and with any sport because of the immense time that both require; many serious athletes choose to disregard their schoolwork completely because they simply prioritize their sport first and do not want to sacrifice any of their time or energy on something that they care less about. On the other hand, many talented athletes are forced to...

Pushing Through the Wall

Brooke Highmark, Sporting Editor

One night this past fall (2020) when I was working out with my basketball trainer, he said something to me that I have not forgotten since.  It was one of my first training sessions with him, and he was having me do a very challenging ball handling drill where I felt like quitting halfway through.  However, he began to yell, “Push through the wall! Get through that wall!” over and over again. I f...

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