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Maggie Lindstrom

When Was The Last Time You…Held A Baby?

In some countries, the orphanages are strategically placed within a retirement home for the elderly. This is a perfect solution because the feeble in years are really just parents whose children have all flown the coop, while orphans are, necessarily, children who lack parents. Often people who are getting on in years will muse that all their friends have died, leaving themselves all alone in the world. But it doen’t have to be that way. People can always make new acquaintances and rebuild relationships even as others are being severed. However, anyone can benefit from the experience of interacting with infants. Beholding a newborn reminds us that we were once so young, too, plus we begin to have a new appreciation for all the people who met our needs while we were just as helpless. What kind of world will those babies grow up in? Once again, we are convicted of our own role in shaping the environment these young ones will encounter as they age. In fact, the process of a baby’s development in the womb is a remarkable process.
Month 1- A heartbeat becomes audible under the ultrasound.
Month 2- The baby can make complex facial expressions, according to some, he/she is just able to smile.
Month 3- The skin of a baby starts thickening and soon the sole source of nutrients is delivered through the umbilical cord rather than diffusing into the child..
Month 4- Circadian rhythm, or a person’s internal clock, is cemented as the child wakes and sleeps at regulariy; this pattern will continue as the child’s biological regulator for the rest of it’s life.
Month 5- The baby reacts to loud, unexpected sounds much the same as an adult would: blinking and startling in surprise.
Month 6- The fetus can distinguish between high and low pitched sounds.
Month 7- Alveolii in the baby’s lung begin to develop in preparation for the moment when the child can breathe air outside the womb.
Month 8- Towards their final stage in utero, the fetus begins to form preferences and proclivitiesmror certain types of food based on what their mother eats during pregnancy.
Month 9- The brain of the baby doubles in weight and their ability to grasp fingers is cemented.

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