What It’s Like Living With Health Conditions During COVID

How COVID is impacting people with pre-existing conditions indirectly.

Lauren Borchelt, Staff Writer

COVID-19 is especially challenging for those who are dealing with medical issues or health issues that need treatment. When you typically think of the effects of COVID-19, what do you think about? The sickness itself, wearing masks, social distancing, along with the virus itself attacking our bodies. What a lot of people do not see with COVID-19, is the indirect effects that are extremely important. D...

The Importance Of Food

Lauren Borchelt, Staff Writer

Food. Our necessity to life. Every day, we eat 3 meals, snacks, drinks, desserts, and so on. It keeps us alive, and food is one of the most important items necessary to stay alive. But what a lot of people don’t think about is- what if food gets taken away from you? We tend to think about homeless people who don’t have access to food, or others that simply cannot GET food. But what if you can...

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