Travel to Do, Not to See

Great opportunity requires sacrifice.

Ellie Jones, Staff Writer

To be able to travel around the world is one of the greatest opportunities. However, it is not an opportunity to be wasted, make the most of it and do the most you can do. Growing up with extremely hardworking parents, my family and I have always been blessed with the opportunity to travel. They have always taught me that rewards do not just come, they require great work and sacrifice. My parents ...

How to use vacation to not only explore, but to create closer relationships with family.

Ellie Jones, Staff Writer

The Lake of the Ozarks is somewhere my family started going before I was even born. If I could remember a place as early as anything, it would be sitting on my dad’s lap as he drove the boat. That feeling of being free, without responsibility, nothing else mattered at that moment. The breeze, the tan, everything about it, it was truly Heaven on Earth.  The lake seemed to be somewhere that was wor...

Colorado Breezes

Ellie Jones, Staff Writer

Fresh air. The most healing element of any scene. The cool wind hitting your face, the view of the mountains in the summertime. The pine trees create this aroma that makes you want to keep exploring. Colorado in July, the most refreshing place on earth. For the past two years, my dad and I have taken a trip to Vail, Colorado a couple of weeks before school starts.  There is not much relaxation in this so-call...

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