Navigating Faith In A Christian Environment

Introductory Blog

Hope Linam, Staff Writer

Growing up in Christian schools my whole life has given me more opportunities to further my faith than I would in a public school. But, many times I’ve questioned how I navigate in a Christian environment because personally I haven’t been faced with an opportunity to spread the gospel to those who don’t already know it. Of course, I’ve been faced with faith challenging situations in my life,...

Challenging Yourself When You Don’t Feel Challenged

Hope Linam, Staff Writer

I’ve gone to a Christian school my entire life, and I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to immerse myself in Christian education. However, after years and years of Bible classes, I began to become stagnant in my faith (doesn’t really make sense, right?). I have to wonder if that was equally on me as it was on the lesson plans of my Bible classes.  Of course, depending on the age...

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