Kohn’s Card Corner

Talent Horton-Tucker Phenomenon. Who’s Next?

Evan Kohn, Staff Writer

Welcome to Kohn’s Card’s Corner. This is where I am going to talk about the ever growing sports card market. If you are interested in any form of sports cards stay right here.  One of the largest explosions in the basketball market has just happened, Talen Horton-Tucker, a player that not many people had high expectations for him since coming out of Iowa State has just exploded on the scene....

NBA Emerging 30

Evan Kohn, Staff Writer

Kohn’s Card Corner     After the last edition of Kohn’s Card Corner, we had a few week break for Christmas. Today I am back to talk about the NBA Emerging 30 index that has been introduced to the card market.      Let’s start off by going over what the NBA Emerging 30 index is, in the most simple terms it is a collection of thirty of the most promising up and coming prospects in the NBA. Th...

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