How to Navigate Life

What is Life, Exactly?

Kaitlyn Butler, Staff Writer

The following are three ways I can best navigate my life:

Hear Nature Cry Out to Him

Kaitlyn Butler, Staff Writer

Traveler, listen closely to the weary cry of the grandfather trees, as the wind carries their groaning alongside wandering, dying leaves;   An outdrawn, longing sigh loud enough to rouse a deaf world from her deep and restless slumber, from empty dreams and nothing more.   A sharp, piercing sting claws the edge of your bare skin, the hunger pangs of a lonely wo...

Magic is truer than you’d think

Kaitlyn Butler, Staff Writer

The concept of magic has captivated the human race from the beginning, has it not? Our stories, ethereal and mystical, are riddled with spellbooks and mythical creatures. Why, though, are we continually drawn to magical themes? To the defiance of the laws of the universe? To storylines that seem far too good and redemptive to be true? I would argue that this desire stems from our very core as human...

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