The Student Newspaper of Westminster Christian Academy

maggie lindstrom

The Bike

As my stationary bike has finally been set up I have had an opportunity to try it out and experience benefits and faults. It’s benefits being that it’s easy to set up and works great. Instead of buying an exercise bike like you would find at the gym, I hooked up my regular bike so that I could be used as a stationary one. There are only a few problems that I have noticed so far: one being that you cannot see your speed. Often when I bike I try to maintain a certain RPM and it’s been rather annoying not being able to tell how fast I’m going. Another problem is that the bike slowly loosens itself from the metal contraption holding it in place when it’s used.  Every time I get on I have to make sure that the bike is secure. Thirdly the rubber of the back tire tends to rub against the metal and make a loud squeaky noise whenever I bike. But none of the problems are very severe, and the benefit of having a stationary bike greatly outweighs them. It’s great to be able to stay out of the cold but still get exercise. 

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