Westminster’s Championships

The Wildcats gain a multitude of Championships over the years


Kobi Williams is announced in the State Championship game in 2021

The Wildcats baseball team is currently competing in Class 5. The other schools in our district include Chaminade College Prep, Ladue Horton Watkins, Lutheran South, Parkway central, Parkway North, Rockwood Summit, Webster Groves. Out of these schools, only Chaminade, Rockwood Summit and Westminster have a state championship title. Rockwood Summit has 1 state championship from the 2012 season and Chaminade has 2 from 1992 and 1998. With Westminster’s 4 state titles, this puts them with the most out of any other school in our district combined.


Winning a state championship is something that almost every highschool athlete desires. For some schools this is easier than others. The Westminster Wildcats are no stranger to winning in athletics. Since 2010, Westminster has won 16 state championship titles. The 2 team sports that have been most successful for the Cats are baseball and volleyball. Starting in 2011, the Westminster baseball team went on to win 4 straight state titles. When the state title run started, the baseball program was in class 3 but then later after winning 2 titles back to back, the team was moved into class 4 where they continued their run. As for the Volleyball team, they earned their first state championship in 2012. They achieved their next title in 2021. Then in 2022 they  proceeded to repeat what they did in the previous season and win back to back titles for the school. To continue, Westminster has 60 final 4 appearances and 87 district championship wins. Again, the 2 most successful team sports have been baseball and volleyball with them totaling 26 out of the 87 titles.


The way playoffs work is, once the regular season has concluded, each school is seeded based on their performance and record. Each team will play their first round game which is an elimination game. The bracket will continue until only 2 teams remain and those 2 teams will play for the district championship title. Once the championship game has concluded, the team will move onto the quarterfinals. Including the quarterfinal game, the team must win 2 games of bracketplay to make it to the state championship game. Once all the games are concluded, the 2 teams remaining play for the state championship title.


The 2022-2023 athletic season has been good for the Cats. So far, the Cats have won 5 Championships. In the fall, the Volleyball team, Softball team and the Girls Golf team all won district championships. In the winter, both the Girls Swim team and the Boys Basketball team won the district. Although winning a district championship is a big accomplishment for any team, for the Boys basketball team, Girls Swim team, volleyball and softball team decided that just winning their respective district wasn’t enough. The Basketball team moved on and made it to the quarterfinals. The softball team made it to the final 4 and surprised everyone by bening an underdog for the season. As for the Girls Swim team and Volleyball team, they both won the State Championship match earning the State Title. This was Swims first ever state title in school history. Along the way, they also broke 8 state records and multiple school records. And for Volleyball, they won their second consecutive State Championship. 


Girls Volleyball huddles after scoring in the 2022 State Championship game