Rocket Recovery

Senior Ashlyn Lane makes a quick recovery, and is in full swing for her final soccer season


Photo Courtesy of yearbook

Senior Ashlyn Lane on the field for the first time since injury

During that Cats revenge game against MICDS, Senior Ashlyn Lane was able to get back on the soccer field after a season-ending injury last year. 

“I tore it [her ACL] playing soccer and got surgery at the end of October,” said Ashlyn Lane, senior.

Unfortunately because of her injury, Lane wasn’t able to finish playing with her club soccer team this past summer and, coming into her senior year, she didn’t know if she would be able to play again. Most of the time, when an athlete tears their Anterior Cruciate Ligament, they can’t play during their upcoming season because of recovery time. An ACL tear recovery time is generally eight to nine months.

“I was taken away from a lot of things that I loved to do like play at the end of my club soccer season and play basketball my senior year,” said Lane.

Generally, after surgery it takes about six to nine months of physical therapy before an athlete is ready to return.The full range of motion should be restored and all of the balance, strength and endurance should be back before the athlete returns. 

“I worked really hard at physical therapy almost everyday. It was not easy but I made a full recovery in 4 months and I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to still play soccer my senior year,” Lane commented.

In the girls second game, The Cats were up 1-0 and led for most of the game. But MICDS was able to tie in the second half. The game extended into overtime and Ashlyn netted the game winner for the cats. Coming off of an ACL tear,  you could tell she was eager to get back on the field. She scored 2 goals in her first two games back and she is going to be a key player for the team this season.