The Man That Does it All


Audrey Rohlfing

Coach Todd Zell

Coach Zell has consistently proven his dedication to Westminster athletics and teaching for 4 years. He has made an outstanding impact on every person that he connects with, including softball and hockey player Emily Griege, who talks about Zell’s genuine excitement for their team making it to state and his constant support. 

She says, “Coach Zell is a great coach and an even better person. He is consistent in his expectations everyday and pushes you to be the best version of yourself. ” 

Zell makes impacts on his players but he is impacted by them just as much. He says “I love being able to help young players grow into the men and women that God wants them to be. I get a lot out of coaching, and I look forward to it everyday after school.”

Zell’s good friend and fellow teacher Mr. Vonder Bruegge says,“nothing flusters him, he is always just able to go with things as they come. He can handle whatever is thrown at him.” Zell’s level head is a part of what makes him an amazing coach. In times when Zell feels run down he “makes sure to keep a balance” which helps him when he starts to feel overwhelmed. 

In highschool, Zell had a coach that inspired him to want to help kids like he did. Zell wanted to coach, he has been told that he “thinks like a coach” and this has led him to feel confident in his coaching abilities.

 Not only is he a coach, but an amazing teacher as well. Zell teachers sophomore algebra, and is one of the few teachers that can make math enjoyable. Zell starts off every class with a smile on his face and asks everyone how they are doing. Not only a warm greeting, but presents the class with a dad joke of the day. 

One of Zells former students, Alyssa Greco, said. “Mr.Zell was my first hour teacher and he always knew how to make my morning a good one. I started getting excited to come to school in the mornings rather than sleeping through half of the first hour.” Zell loves the classroom setting too, and how he is able to “build different types of relationships with students off the field.” Zell has been in education for 27 years and has enjoyed them all. He is an inspiration to students and teachers because of his ability to successfully and efficiently balance teaching and coaching every single day.