The Wildcats Future Looks Promising

The 2022 season was definitely one to remember. The Wildcats went 23-1 with winning almost every game by 15 points. The Wildcats were ranked the number 1 team in the St. louis area by multiple sources. Team was lead by 4 seniors with the sixth man also being a senior along with 2 more seniors on the bench. With the class of 2022 graduating, the team was left with a big hole that needed to be filled.


Luckily for the cats, there is hope for them. Throughout this season, the underclassmen have proved themselves to the team. Currently, the team has 2 sophomores from the class of 2025 who have proved that they deserve a starting spot on the team. 


Looking farther down in classes, the middle school stands out as hope for the team in the future. Specifically, the 8th grade “A” team has standout talent. In a recent game, the cats outscored Whitfield 50-16. By no means did Whitfield just play a bad game but rather the cats just shut them out. The entire team showed advanced skill and experience which led them to the victory.

The team was led by Jahi Martain and Will Powers. These 2 players were standouts in all aspects. They both showed extreme athleticism and control over the game.


Jahi Martian is a 5,10 point guard. Martian showed he has the ability to drive straight to the basket and put up a layup or draw a foul. He also showed he can do the opposite and put up a jump shot if needed. Martian put up 17 points along with drawing 2 fouls, both shooting fouls. Martian showed overall that he is a remarkable player who is ready to move up into the highschool level


Another key player who helped lead the cats was Will Powers. Powers is a 6ft small forward  who showed dominance on the court. Powers showed pure athleticism and control throughout the entire game. Powers showed his advanced jump shot by putting up 4 jump shots, 2 of which being 3s while also visiting the freethrow line twice. All of this totaled to 10 points for Powers. 


Aside from these boy’s skills, they showed leadership. Throughout the game, they showed the ability to take control of the game. They also showed that they are selfless players by putting their teammates before themselves. They did this with little things, picking each other up if someone fell down, helping a teammate re-adjust after missing a shot and giving each other positive influence


with the lack of upperclassman to lead the team, Varsity basketball team has a hole that needs to be filled. With the aid of the underclassmen the cats have hope for this season but in future times, the future of the team lies in the hands of the middle school players. The hope that the 8th grade team brings is promising.