1324… and Counting

Kobi Williams extends Westminsters all time scoring record 32 years later.


Joey Fentress

Kobi goes up for a dunk against Priory

Kobi Williams has been a star on the Westminster basketball team since his freshman year scoring 179 points, his sophomore year, he put up an impressive 358 points and another 364 his junior year. Senior year, he has scored 378 in 17 games and he averages 22 points per game. In 1991, Jeremy Marsh’s, who is now Head of Institutional Advancement at Westminster, broke the previous school record for most points in a season scoring 1324 points by the time he graduated in May. that was held by Tim Hall. Tim Hall was on the first ever basketball team at Westminster, he played varsity basketball all four years. He set the first scoring record at WCA. The record started with his total number of points (907 points) when he graduated in 1980. 32 years later, scoring his 1000th point only a month ago, Kobi surpassed 1324 points. With a few more games left in the season, he continues to spread the record. Congrats Kobi! Next year Kobi Williams is going to be continuing his basketball career at Truman State University.