Wildcat Basketball Game Recap

This past Tuesday, The Westminster Wildcats took on the Priory Ravens. What started out as a slow game with the first quarter ending with only 13 points being scored. The first quarter ended with a score of 9-4 in favor of the wildcats. The second quarter was not much different. The cats tried to move the ball around a lot which spent a lot of time. The cat’s approach to moving the ball around and not driving to the basket or shooting caused the first half to be a slower half. At half time, the score was 17-10 in favor of the cats. After half time, things really picked up on both sides with the pace increasing a lot. Senior Guard, Kobi Williams got the momentum going for the cats with a quick steal and breakaway. Kobi went up and layed down an uncontested dunk. This was the exact thing the cats needed to close the game. Following the dunk, the ravens started getting more aggressive on defense which resulted in 3 Westminster players visiting the freethrow line. Williams finished the game with 19 points total to close the game. Once again, the underclassmen continue to prove themselves. Sophomore guard, JD Robertson continues to dominate the court. JD finished with 10 points. More underclassmen including Sophmore evanĀ  Montandon and freshman Tobi Akinyede Savon Buford. The Cats ended the game with win over the Ravens, the final score was 48-27 Cats. The Wildcats improved their record to 11-6.