Sophomore Starter

JD Robertson has young talent that he uses to help the WCA basketball team win


Joey Fentress

JD Robertson shooting a free throw

JD Robertson, sophomore varsity basketball player has had an outstanding last few games. His mind is built for the game and he has consistently been proving himself to be a crucial member on Westminsters varsity basketball team. Robertson has been putting down on average 10 points a game and uses his abilities to do what needs to be done for his team. Not only is Robertson a success on the court, but he also proves to be a well-rounded and intelligent member of Westminster’s school community. Robertson says: “I’ve really enjoyed playing on the varsity squad this year. It’s a good group of guys, and we all want the best for each other. Coach Ribble pushes me and the team to be our best. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season and what our team can do.” Robertson is just getting started. He is showing himself and other players on his team that this is not his peak, but it is just the beginning of an insane highschool sports career.