Veteran Coaches Snyder and Peterson Return


Courtesy of the Foundation yearbook archives.

Coach Snyder and Coach Pederson in the 2014 season

The Westminster football program has no doubt had its ups and downs throughout the years. After a rough couple of seasons, change is in the air.

This past season, the Wildcats had a record of 1-10 with their only win against Clayton High School with a score of 28-20. The season before that, the 2021-2022 season, the cats had a record of 3-7. In 2020, Westminster hired new head coach Butler By’note. For this next season, By’note will become the offensive coordinator.

In the upcoming 2023 season, Cory Snyder will return as head coach after serving only as Westminster’s Athletic director.

Snyder said his main reason for coming back was for the experience.

“Coaching football at Westminster is a great opportunity to work with student athletes and hopefully provide a great experience for them, their families, and the community. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to work with athletes on the field on a day to day basis,” said Snyder.

Alongside Snyder, Chris Pederson is also coming out of retirement as a coach. Pederson will be retaking his position as the offensive and defensive linemen coach. Pederson said his main reason for coming back was the line.

“There is nothing like coaching a group of linemen. There are similar experiences found in many facets of life, but an offensive lineman is one of the most unique roles in all of sport. There is really nothing like it,” said Pederson.

Pederson also said that one of the main lessons he will be applying to his linemen is reflecting the Westminster 10 pillars, specifically pillar 4. Pillar 4 says “we before me”. Chris adds, “I am sure this has been a focus in recent years, but I am working to create the most cohesive group of young men that has ever played the offensive line here”

In another sense, coach Snyder has already been putting in some changes to the team. One of his first changes is he has started an off season lifting program that the team has been attending. Although off season lifting has been incorporated in the past, the intensity and authority that coach Snyder brings is the exact change that the team needs.

“The first priority for the team this offseason has to be gaining strength and making the weight room a priority. We need the guys to commit themselves to that process for the next 7 months,” said Snyder.

Another big change that has started this off season is the football field. The athletic department decided that it was time for the turf to be replaced. Starting in early december, the original turf started being torn up and removed. The wildcat’s offseason has been eventful. The turf that was torn up was the original turf that was placed when the building was made. Players have long complained about the turf saying it is injury prone because of the lack of grip. Sophomore tight end Sean Gross says “Westminster’s turf is hit or miss, making quick and fast turns is hard on our turf. I am excited to see how the new turf will be for next season” With a multitude of changes the cats hope to improve their record into the win column for the upcoming season. With both of the new coaches excited to return to coaching and make a positive change, things are looking up for the Cats.