Athletes and Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is something that the majority of athletes do. For some it is a simple wristband, for others it’s a chain worn around their neck. These chains and wristbands usually mean something to the player. It could have come from a passed parent or family member, or something memorable that has affected them personally. Every athlete has something that they look for in a game to keep them motivated. These simple little things mean everything to a person on and off the field.


Most athletes wear their “drip” for confidence. Showing up to the game with something they attach meaning to provides an athlete with confidence. With the mental strain all sports have on a person, a little bit of comfort or confidence means the world. Playing any sport without confidence is a recipe for disaster. A writer for the Maru newsletter wrote “​​Self-confidence is undoubtedly the mark of a champion.” Without confidence, there is no point in showing up to play, nothing that you want to be accomplished will be done. Many sports now are almost entirely mentality-based rather than skills-based, and while skill does still play a huge factor, believing in oneself is how success happens.


The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) previously banned athletes from wearing any type of jewelry. 


“Previously, only medical and religious medals were permitted by rule,” (NFHS). This rule was in place for all highschool sports throughout the United States, and it was put in place to protect athletes during the game. The rule makes sense for most “contact” sports. But, in a non-contact sport like baseball it just doesn’t really apply as much. 


On July 11, 2022, the NFHS came out with a change in the rules. They stated, “While most jewelry will be permitted, the Baseball Rules Committee noted that the current rules still state that “any jewelry worn that poses harm or injury to a player or opponent should be removed.” 


This was huge news for all high school baseball players the day it came out. One thing players like to do is express themselves through what they wear. The saying, “look good, play good” really does apply to baseball players. The only rule change has been for baseball. For sports like football, basketball and soccer, the previous rule still stands.


The rule that is in place saying that athletes can not wear jewelry will most likely not change. This is just due to safety reasons. For most “contact sports” having a piece of jewelry can be dangerous and cause serious injury, and that’s why the rule is in place