Fueled by the Crowd


Hope Linam

The student section prepares for the National Anthem at a WCA basketball game.

Most athletes that have had a large crowd at their games would agree that it increases the energy of the game and makes for a better overall atmosphere to play in. Sports like football, boys basketball, and hockey have relatively frequent games with large crowds. 

“The hype the team feels from the student section is unmatched. I feel like without the support of the student section, I wouldn’t play as well.” Said Sam Avanzado senior football player.

“A Student Section brings energy to us and makes us feel like we are playing for our school and our friends, not just playing for a win.” Logan Swenson junior hockey player.

Sports such as girls volleyball and girls basketball have large crowds once in a while. 

“I prefer playing in front of a crowd because it bring the energy up and when the energy is up I think we play better because it feels like we are playing for something.” said senior basketball player Sydney Bradley

Senior volleyball player Emma Fairchild agreed, saying, “I enjoy playing in front of a crowd way more than not. I think it makes the game more exciting and gives us an expectation to play well.” 

Sports such as tennis and golf hardly ever have large crowds, but do the athletes prefer it this way? These are sports that are not practical to have large crowds because it is difficult to follow a golf match around the course or crowd around a tennis court to watch a match.

“It would not be beneficial to have a student section for tennis. I would feel unfocused if there were people screaming during my match,” said Drew Cahill, junior. 

“I feel like that would be fun for me because I play golf with my friends and love the social aspect but a lot of people play very seriously and would not enjoy having a crowd,” said senior golfer Kate Wessels. Some sports thrive off having a student section, but some athletes would rather play with no one watching due to the quiet nature of their sports.