WCA Softball Wins Districts


Thursday October 23 was a day that will go down in Wildcat Softball history. The cats with bats won their first distinct title since 2014. “I liked our chances against Ursuline. We knew they had some good hitters, but we felt like we could score more runs than them and the cats were rolling.”Said Assistant Coach Todd Zell.


The Cats faced off against the Ursuline Bears for the second time this. The cats took the first game 8-2, but some people on the team were still a little nervous going into the game. “I was really nervous because there was a lot on the line.”Said Paige Branstetter, sophomore.


The Wildcats struggled for the first five innings and did not get a single hit. In the sixth inning, they found themselves down 3-0. At that time the hope in the dugout was starting to dwindle. Allie Branstetter stepped up to the plate and changed the energy of the game in the plit of the moment hitting a solo homerun. “I was very excited because the team needed something to give us momentum.” Said Allie Branstetter, sophomore.


The cats scored two one more run in the sixth inning to make cut the deficit to one going into the seventh inning. The top of the seventh inning the cats were able to hold the Bears and keep them to three runs. 


Now, the wildcats found themsleves in a do or die situation. It was score a run of the season was over. The cats were able to load the bases with junior catcher Ellie Berkland stepping up to the plate. Ellie was able to smoke the ball over the infield for a walkoff double that scored the winning run. 


The Wildcats were ecstatic to be moving on to the state quarterfinals. They will face Doniphan at Westminster on October 20th as 3pm.