Meet the FCA Leaders


Photo Courtesy of Sami Mabry

Tyler Smith and others play spike ball at FCA kickoff

This year, there are five FCA leaders including one returning leader Tyler Smith, as well as four new leaders. The leaders break the athletes in attendance into small groups and discuss a new topic each week that has something to do with how to live out a Christian worldview through sports and honoring God through athletics.

Ellie Berkland is a Junior that plays softball, swims, and plays lacrosse. She is also a first year FCA leader that has been attending FCA since freshman year. Ellie frequently hosts FCA at her house.

“FCA has really helped remind me why I play sports and who I play for. Said Ellie. ‘This is one of the greatest benefits of FCA and it makes athletes realize that there is a greater meaning to sports than the outcome of games and your individual stats.’’

Sami Mabry is a first year FCA leader that used to play softball and lacrosse but has been injured for the past few years. She takes after her sister, Niki Mabry, who was an FCA leader during her time at Westminster, and also hosts meetings at her house often. She has not only been a part of Westminster’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes, but she has participated in St. Louis wide FCA events.

Sami loves that “FCA has brought [her] further out of [her]  comfort zone. Through the FCA organization there are weekend camps for people all around the St.Louis area and it has caused me to be extraverted in my faith even with people [she] doesn’t know.” 

Huntleigh Hager is a Junior that plays golf and manages lacrosse. She is a first year leader and long time FCA attender. Huntleigh’s house is also a common spot for FCA meetings. Huntleigh said that,  “FCA has taught me how to truly do all things for the glory of God, even when no one is watching.”

Tyler Smith is a senior baseball player who is in his second year leading FCA. Tyler would encourage all athletes to go to FCA because “[He’s] seen many relationships grow from the weekly FCA meetings and it is a way that many students find new friends. The best part about FCA is getting a sense of a Christian community together outside of school and of course the free food. [He] would encourage everyone to go to FCA in order to strengthen their faith and relationships with friends and the Lord.”

Asher Amanuel is a Junior that plays basketball for Westminster. He is a first year FCA leader but also has attended FCA since he was a freshman. Asher agrees that people should join FCA because it is a great way to connect your relationship with God with something you love doing and learning how to show your faith through your actions in sports.