Coaches Come and Go, But the Program Stays the Same


Joey Fentress

The football team listen to their coach for instructions.

As the Westminster football team continued to struggle in recent years, some of the coaches wanted no more and decided to leave. With new coaches and a large number of freshman there is hope for the team


In 2020, Coach Butler Bynote was hired as the new head coach of the football team. After a shortened 2020 season and a rough 2021 season, the football staff was in need of some new assistant coaches because of the old staff leaving.


This year, the 2022 season, Westminster welcomed 3 new coaches to the staff. Paul Coffman, Zach Mitchel, and Kyle Bynum. These new assistant coaches coach more specific positional based areas while coach Bynote coaches everything.


Westminster welcomes these coaches in hope that they can help the team positively. With the football program not being the best in the past 3-4 years, the team needs a new spark. The hope is that these new coaches will be the spark that they are looking for.