Athlete of the Week

March 21st-March 27th


Graphic by Evan Kohn

Connor Mcmillin has lit up the Cats’ offense this season.

Connor McMillin, senior, has proven not only to be a leader, but also a great athlete on the boys lacrosse team. While the season has not started the way they would have liked, being 1-3, McMillin has clearly shown to be the Wildcats’ main contributor on the offensive side.

Inside of these first four games against tough opponents like CBC, McMillin has managed to rack up a total of sixteen goals so far, seven coming from their 15-6 win over Seckman. He is currently the leading scorer for the Cats, the second being Will Richards, senior, with five.

As a four year varsity lacrosse player, McMillin has learned leadership skills passed down from teammates before him.

“He is a great contributor to the team on and off the field, and he shows how the game is supposed to be played every day when he steps on the field. He is a great example for the underclassmen,” said Kole Feeney, senior teammate.