Cats Take Care of Business

The boys basketball team claims a second straight victory over Whitfield on Big Night 2022.


Nolan Jones

The entire student body gathers in the Blue Crew section to support the basketball team.

The “Big Night” Spirit Week matchup between the Westminster Wildcats and the Whitfield Warriors took place on Tuesday, February 8th after being rescheduled from the week before.

The Cats had played Whitfield one other time prior to this event, ending with an easy 58-32 win, but they made sure to keep their foot on the gas and put the Warriors away in the same fashion this time around.

The game started off as expected, with the Wildcats gaining an early lead and playing lock-down defense, only allowing nine points in the first half. With the half ending 18-9, both teams picked up their offensive game and came out with more baskets in the second half.

Austin Vick, senior, performed very well, ending with thirteen points and eleven rebounds to earn himself a double-double. Another prominent force in the game was Caleb Thompson, senior, who started off the season injured. Thompson is normally a playmaker who specializes in grabbing rebounds and throwing assists, but this game, he recorded the second-most points on the team, ending with eleven.

Caleb Thompson goes to the line to shoot a free throw. (Nolan Jones)

The Cats took care of business and were able to seal the game by a large margin of 45-27.

Following the game, as it was the final night of Spirit Week, parents and students crowded the gym to see the sophomore, junior, and senior classes perform their various lip-sync and boys poms dances in hopes of their class being crowned the winner of Spirit Week. Despite the sophomore class earning second in boys poms and first in lip-sync, the senior class ultimately came out on top as the winners of Spirit Week 2022.