From the Ice to the Course

Jack Wooldridge plans to make up lost time this golf season using his experience and skill.


Gus Duda

Jack Wooldridge hits balls at the range.

Jack Wooldridge, a Westminster junior, is known for his low scores on the golf course. As a freshman on the golf team, he made a name for himself after placing fifth at districts with a 77, first at sectionals with a 74, and 22nd at state with a 78 and an 81.

While Wooldridge says he enjoys the individual aspect of tournaments, he also loves being a part of the Westminster golf team.

“The best way to play golf is with a good group of friends, and high school golf is that with competition. Golf is a very individual sport, so having three months a year when I have a group of teammates by my side is really nice,” said Wooldridge.

Despite the amount of talent that Jack Wooldridge displays on the golf course, he also plays hockey in the winter athletic season. Because of how vastly different his hockey swing is, he does claim that there is some interference with his golf swing at the beginning of the season. While there are some negative effects that come from his hockey mechanics, he believes that the positives outweigh the negatives.

“I typically gain about ten yards with the driver every winter as I take a lot of slap-shots in hockey. I also feel that hockey helps my hand-eye coordination in golf,” said Wooldridge.

Overall, Jack says that he has learned a lot from golf over the years and has become a more mature player.

“I have learned to keep my composure, whether I am playing great or playing poorly,” said Wooldridge.

Golf is certainly a sport that has its highs and lows. It is very easy to go from playing amazing one day to terrible the next. Jack’s patience and composure on the golf course certainly shows his years of experience and practice.

Another crucial aspect of Wooldridge’s success on the golf course is his ability to adapt and overcome the tough situations that he regularly finds himself in. All of his shots are analyzed and thought through before he executes them, and the focus and concentration that he displays on every shot is a crucial aspect to his low scores.

As the spring athletic season begins and the boys golf team starts practicing, Wooldridge will surely be preparing for the upcoming season. Because last year’s golf season was cut short because of coronavirus, Jack and the rest of the team will be eager to get back out onto the course.