Coach Stull Moves Into the Building

Football coach Jacob Stull takes on midyear position in the business department.


Nolan Jones

Mr. Stull adjusts to teaching at Westminster.

Following the resignation of Mr. Horn at semester, a gap was left in the business department. A face familiar to the football team and summer Strength and Conditioning athletes has now filled the gap. Mr. Stull has been the running back coach at Westminster for three years now. He has also helped with summer “S&C” and helped out with the grounds crew for a while as well. 

Growing up in a small town in rural Ohio, Mr. Stull grew up with a blue collar background. He grew up playing pee wee football and came to be a hard-nose player in high school. He was a part of a gap year program in between high school and college. Following this gap year, he went on to play four years at the University of Greenville studying business. Stull played running back all four years in his college career. 

After he graduated with his business degree, he moved to St. Louis for a business job at a company called Data Verify. A friend of his who was an alumni of Westminster let him know when he saw that the school expressed a need for a running back/assistant coach. Stull’s football mind aligned with the head coach’s at the time, and he got the job. This side job as an assistant high school football coach had more in store for him than he thought at the time.

Through coaching at Westminster and being able to have an impact on players life, Mr. Stull started to rethink his career path. Last year, he made the decision to make the jump. Through lots of prayer and thinking, he came to the conclusion he wanted to pursue a career in teaching. 

“My passion for what I was doing changed to where I wanted to give back and make a difference in the world and I felt that education was a great avenue to do that,” said Stull.

So, about a year and a half after moving to St. Louis for a business job, he quit and found a job as a fourth grade teacher at Providence Classical Christian Academy in South County. He taught there all of last year and the first half of this year. He enjoyed teaching the younger kids, but he also enjoyed having relationships with the football players who he could connect with more and have a deeper impact in their lives. 

“I noticed on Westminsters job board there was a position open that seemed to be hand-made for me,” said Stull.

It was exactly the type of teaching job that he would be the most qualified for, and everything lined up. The only thing that hung him up from applying was the mid-year circumstance. Getting the job at Westminster would mean that he would have to leave his current class, and the school might not be able to fill his position quickly. He didn’t want to leave his students in a bad situation simply to better his own situation. Luckily, the school was able to find a perfect fit for the job right away. He saw this as a provision from God, an answer to his prayers about whether this was the right move for him.

“I feel thoroughly blessed to be teaching at Westminster and be a part of the Westminster community,” said Stull.

Mr. Stull is excited to be teaching Economics at Westminster and to meet more people in the community.