Nail-biting Powderpuff Game Results in a Senior Victory


Ellie Jones

Carly Vick, junior, catches a long pass out of bounds.

This past Halloween afternoon, October 31st, Westminster hosted their annual powderpuff game. The senior class of 2021 and the juniors of 2022 engaged in a high intensity battle until the final seconds on the turf.

The seniors began the game with the ball on their own twenty yard line. They started off hot by charging right down the field against the junior defense for a touchdown. Zoe Lintner, senior running back, cashed in the (mandatory) two point conversion to put the seniors in the lead with a score of eight to zero.

The juniors gained possession of the ball with lots of time left on the clock in the first quarter. After a short run to the right, the juniors were in search of a big play. They went for a deep shot down the field but were picked off.

The seniors had another statement-making drive in their next possession led by Arista Hampton, quarterback. Hannah Skrobonja, senior, punched in a short run to score a touchdown, putting the seniors up sixteen to zero.

With approximately fifteen minutes and thirty-one seconds to go in the first half, the juniors once again received the ball. Junior coaches Ben Broadhurst and LJ Minner knew that it was time to make an adjustment and establish the running game. A couple of solid runs set up the juniors in the senior’s territory. Avery Surber, junior running back, had her first breakout play of the game, receiving a handoff by Brooke Highmark, quarterback, and sprinting past the senior defense into the open field for a forty yard touchdown. Madison Schofield, junior running back, capitalized on the two point conversion, and the score became sixteen to eight.

Neither team scored any points in the remainder of the second half. Carlie Vick, Lexi Vick, and Hope Linam, juniors, were big forces on the defensive end with some of the best flag-pulling that Westminster powderpuff has ever seen. In addition, Lintner, showed off her speed by being a part of nearly every senior “tackle.”

The juniors received the ball at the beginning of the second half. They had a long, methodical drive carefully crafted by the junior coaches. Emma Yost, junior, scored on a short sweep to the left. The two point attempt was no good, but Marty Briner, senior, made a brutal goal line stand to block out the juniors, keeping the score 16-14 seniors.

Making the seniors go three and out in regards to downs, the juniors saw their time to shine. They made their way down the field all the way to the fifty yard line. Unfortunately, some miscommunication in the back field led to a fumble.

With just fifteen minutes left in regulation, the seniors marched down the field after a great run by Grace Clement to set up great field position. The junior defense was tired, as the team had made nearly no substitutions throughout the entirety of the game. Another touchdown was scored and a controversial two point conversion was called good.

This two point conversion was crucial for the seniors, as it became a two score game. The juniors had to change the game plan and utilize the air. Brooke Highmark, junior, showed off her arm strength; she heavily utilized basketball teammate and wide receiver Carlie Vick. Scoring a touchdown and handing the ball off to Avery Surber for the two point conversion, the juniors now trailed only 24-22.

With only five minutes remaining in the game, most expected the seniors to simply run the clock out. However, after two run plays, they went for a deep shot down field. The ball deflected off of multiple players and luckily fell into the hands of Lintner. She rushed down the field and scored a touchdown with over a minute left on the clock. This two point conversion would be the most crucial play of the game up to this point. The seniors went for a sweep to the right to Clement, but Linam snatched her flag before the line was crossed. The score was 30-22, and the juniors had a chance.

The team had one minute and thirteen seconds remaining on the clock with three timeouts. They attempted to break away on a long run twice, but neither of these made a large gain. They finally went for a passing play as Highmark hurled the ball into the air to Kate Dempsey for a large gain. The juniors had about 15 yards to go for the touchdown. They placed the ball in the hands of their most explosive player, Surber, and she got to the outside, leaping into the endzone. Touchdown juniors! Moving the ball two yards up the field had never looked more daunting. This is the play that would make or break the juniors. They went with a delayed handoff right up the middle to Yost, tailback. Her flag was pulled short of the endzone by senior sister, Grace Yost. The junior’s hearts sank. The seniors received the ball back and ran out the clock.

Final score: 30-28, seniors.