Freshman Dual Sport Varsity Athlete

Caden Collison makes an appearance in Westminster sports on both the football and soccer team.


Grace Fentress

Collison walks down the field in the game against St. Dominic.

Caden Collison has taken on the challenge of playing varsity soccer and football in the same season as only a freshman in high school.

Growing up, Collison knew that during his freshman year he would most likely get the opportunity to play for his high school soccer team. However, the new love for football that he found over the summer made for an unexpected journey for the fall of 2020.

“I have been dedicated to soccer since I was in first grade. I have spent the last three years practicing soccer 4 to 5 nights a week. Football was new for me this year, but it became a natural fit. I loved it right away,” said Collison.

Normally, students would be forced to make the decision to play one sport or the other, but occasionally, an athlete gets the opportunity to play both. In Caden’s case, this was the perfect compromise that would allow him to continue in his devotion to soccer while trying out another beloved Westminster sport.

While COVID-19 has created many problems within fall sports this year, it has actually allowed Caden to thrive in both sports. The changed practice schedule has allowed Caden to be a part of both teams full time.

As recent announcements are allowing football games to start, the time commitment that Caden has made to both sports is definitely going to increase. Up until this point, games have been limited, but both sports are gradually picking up speed.

“I just try to prioritize everything. I love playing sports. I find practice enjoyable, so that part doesn’t feel hard to me,” said Collison.

Overall, the determination that Caden has made to his school and athletic career is widely respected by his peers and fellow teammates. He has proven that he is equally committed to the general success of both teams.

Last Friday, October 9th, Collison played in both a soccer game and a football game on the same day. After playing in the soccer game at 4:15, he rushed to the football game where he had an impressive 7 catches for 70 yards. This is just one example of the unique athleticism and maturity that Collison has shown at such a young age.