The Super Smash Bros. Guru

Paul Dearman, junior, has made his mark in the world of Esports.


Gus Duda

Paul Dearman holds up his Nintendo controller.

Although Paul Dearman is best known for smashing apples on his head, his real passion is playing Super Smash Bros.™ on his portable nintendo device. Paul was introduced to Smash Bros at the young age of four years old. However, he began to take the game seriously back in 2014.

“I love the competitive scene of Smash Bros and I immediately fell in love with the high octane gameplay,” said Dearman.

When the new smash bros club was introduced, Paul was all for it. He currently attends the meetings, held in the computer room, weekly. This past week, the Smash Bros club organized a massive tournament for all of the avid gamers in Westminster to compete in. Paul placed first in the tournament and was awarded a $25 Chick-Fil-A gift card. Paul can utilize more than half of the characters in the game at a high level; however, his main choice is Palutena, the goddess of light.

“I play about 7 hours a week sometimes for fun and sometimes seriously. It varies,” said Dearman.

Although Paul enjoys simply playing for fun, he is also very competitive at heart and loves a good battle. He hopes to maybe one day pursue a career on the competitive scene of Smash Bros.

On top of Smash Bros, Paul plays a number of other games on his Nintendo Switch and computer. His favorites are Splatoon, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, and Overwatch. In addition, Paul enjoys speed running, completing a video game or level as fast as possible, in a variety of different categories.