Playing With Purpose

Mia Scheulen, freshman, shines on the varsity field hockey team.


Lauren Borchelt

Mia Scheulen dribbles the ball up the field.

Mia Scheulen has taken the field hockey world by storm as only a freshman. Her exceptional level of hard work rightfully earned her a spot on the varsity team this season. Not only did she make the team, but she is also a key part of the team’s success.

Scheulen’s specific role is to be an offensive threat, and she is doing just that. She is currently leading the team in goals scored with an impressive total of five goals in the first four games.

In addition to her talent for the sport, she also plays with a purpose that extends beyond herself.

“One reason I play is to break the racial barriers there are with sports. Field hockey is a sport that not many African American females play in the U.S. which is sad because this is a sport many girls would love if they knew the game. I have played with people at my house, and they would all say they wish they could play. I want to introduce this sport so they can experience the sport and grow to love the game,” said Scheulen.

Mia ultimately wants to help pave the way for other African American girls to have the opportunity to enjoy field hockey like herself.

Scheulen was originally drawn to the sport because of its uniqueness, and she has been playing for a total of four years now. Scheulen actively pursues excellence and is dedicated to being the best field hockey player that she can be. One way that she works to achieve this goal is by spending the offseason improving her skills by playing for Gateway Field Hockey Club.

Mia enjoys being on varsity, but as a freshman, it also comes with challenges.

“It can be nerve racking because I play a lot of older girls from my club team in Westminster games,” said Scheulen.

Nerves are normal at any age in high school sports, especially as a freshman. The pressure to earn a spot can be crippling, but Mia has gradually overcome the adversity and begun to see positive results.

Mia Scheulen’s heart and dedication to the sport makes both her future and the future of the field hockey team look bright.